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How much can I work when I receive Social Security disability benefits?

Will I lose my health coverage if I go to work?

What if I go to work and then my disability gets worse?

Consumers, families, advocates and professionals:

Do you have questions about Social Security’s work incentives and safety nets?

We open our toll-free telephone line on Mondays from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. and on Thursdays from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. to anyone. Call 1-855-384-2844.

You will speak with Shannon Smiles, a Certified Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC).

This is a free, confidential service to help you make informed choices about going to work.

Who we are

The Maryland Employment Network is a state-wide employment network that helps individuals who are receiving Social Security benefits go to work. If you are enrolled in one of our partner agencies, we work with that vocational program to make sure that you get work support services that you need. If you are not enrolled in one of these programs, we will work directly with you.

The Social Security Administration and Employment Networks

We are one of the Social Security Administration's employment networks and take part in the Ticket to Work program. Every employment network offers different services through the Ticket program. It is important to find an employment network that has services that match your needs. Examples of our services include help with a job search, personalized benefits counseling and follow-along benefits counseling once you are employed.

We can talk with you about your work goals and what you need to reach those goals Then we can decide together if our services are what you need to go to work. The Maryland Employment Network and the Ticket to Work program is free and voluntary.

Download a Social Security Administration publication about Employment Networks.

Maryland Employment Network Funding
Maryland's Behavioral Health Administration provides funding to the Maryland Employment Network because of their belief that employment and recovery are so closely related. We are a statewide program with a home base in downtown Bel Air, Maryland.