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The United States Postal Service (USPS)  does not merely deliver packages and sell stamps. It is a great organization to consider if you are looking to have a competitive salary and grow in your career. Your initial thoughts maybe, “I do not want to or cannot stand for long periods,” or “I do not want to deliver mail in inclement weather.” While that is common for mail carriers and desk clerks, there are a variety of career paths. But before you remove a mail carrier or clerk as an option, it can be a starting point for those who are unsure and open to exploring new careers. It will allow you to learn, network, and build your skillset. 

There are career opportunities in marketing/sales, administrative, auto mechanic, finance/accounting, supply management, human resources, legal, maintenance, management, motor vehicle/tractor-trailer operator, rural carrier, seasonal and technical/information technology. Who would have thought? You can work with your job coach and decide which career choice is best for you based upon your interests, disability, and goals. 

You must be 18 years or older, a permanent US citizen, and have a recent employment history. Also, you must pass a drug and medical screening and a safe driving required for individuals who are operating vehicles. Some jobs may require a college degree, while others accept a high school diploma. USPS also offers benefits such as multiple health and life insurance choices, retirement and thrift savings plans, vacation time and sick leave, and qualifying education assistance.

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