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Working from home has become the new norm for many due to COVID19. It gives us the flexibility to take care of ourselves and families. But what happens when the lines of work and home become blurred? Here are a few tips to practice self-care while working from home.

Get Dressed

You may not be commuting to the office but consider leaving your pajamas for sleeping. Taking a shower and getting dressed will promote productivity and feelings of normalcy. 

Create A Schedule

Set up your day to support yourself so that you can succeed. Create tasks on your calendar or write them in a notebook. Set a deadline for each task and don’t forget to schedule a lunch and breaks as needed.

Set-Up Your Space For Success

Whether you have a home office or use space in your living room or kitchen to work, it is important to have a designated workspace. Remember, your bedroom is for sleeping and relaxing. Keeping your workspace separate will help to define time for work and time for rest. 

Create Boundaries

Set specific work hours so there is balance between work and home. It is easy to get lost in work. Let your coworkers know when you are available and schedule time to unwind before jumping into household chores.   

Check In With Coworkers and Supervisors

Some people find working at home to be very lonely and isolating. Try to schedule time to check in with coworkers, teammates, and supervisors by phone or video chat to alleviate feelings of seclusion.