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Services to beneficiaries

Building the future

The MD-EN has an in-house team of expert staff dedicated to helping individuals with finding and/or keeping employment.

Career Consultations

Looking for work can often feel like an overwhelming job itself! Our talented and dedicated Career Consultant can provide assistance with:

  • Resume and Cover Letter development
  • Goal Setting
  • Interview tips and support
  • Identifying jobs that match your individual preferences
  • Job Placement
  • Income Reporting
  • Advocacy
  • Ongoing support with job maintenance and assistance with advancement
  • Post-Employment Services
  • Preparation of Individual Work Plan (IWP)  (The IWP is a written document signed by both the client and the service provider detailing how they will pursue the beneficiary’s employment goal under the Ticket to Work program.)

Peer Counseling

It can be daunting and scary to make big changes in life, but one way to make it easier is by talking to someone who has been there. To provide additional support, we have a certified Peer Counselor on staff who can assist with:

  • Problem Solving
  • Encouraging
  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy



Social Security System Navigation Assistance

The Social Security system can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Our team of experienced Benefits Counselors can provide:

  • Verbal and written explanation of how your specific work goal will impact your benefits
  • Information about Work Incentives that may apply to you
  • Assistance with PASS Plan Development

Our team also provides:

  • Professional and courteous support and advice
  • Assistance with linkage and referral to other programs that may be beneficial to you.

Ticket to Work Program

The Ticket to Work Program, as well as the Maryland Employment Network and its partners, are voluntary programs. If you meet the eligibility criteria and need assistance to meet your goals, get started today!

If you would like to receive individualized information on how your work goal will impact your Social Security benefits, we can help! The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) funds intensive, individualized benefits counseling services. Simply print this form and tell your DORS counselor that you would like to work with one of our benefits counselors!

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In order to be eligible for services provided by MD-EN staff you:

  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 64
  • Must be receiving either SSDI or SSI
  • Must be committed to becoming employed and work toward the possibility of becoming self-supporting and working off benefits