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Do you have any questions for me? It’s one of the trickiest interview questions you can be asked. You don’t want to ask about something that has already been explained to you, but you don’t want to say “No, I don’t have any questions,” and appear disinterested either. Being able to ask informed, creative questions is not only a great way to stand out in a sea of qualified candidates, it’s also a fantastic way to help determine if the position you are interviewing for is a good fit for you. Here are some of my favorite “Do you have any questions for me” questions:

Can you tell me about the team I’d be working on? Managers typically like this question because it demonstrates an interest working with a team, and their answer can give you an idea of if you’d fit in.  Managers will often answer this question with the number of people on the team, their role, and how long they’ve been there. If you aren’t comfortable working around several people, a team of 15 people might not be a good fit for you.

What is a typical day in this position like?  Most managers can easily answer this, and it helps you to determine if the working environment would work well for you. If you are a person who like to meticulously plan out your day, and the answer is that employees are expected to manage their own schedule and frequently work without interruptions, that could be an indicator of a good job match! Conversely, if you like to plan out your day, and the manager tells you that employees are often asked to make changes to their schedule or take on last minute tasks, it may not be a good fit.

What is your favorite part of your job? I like this question because it tells you not only about the job, but about your potential manager as well. A manager who doesn’t hesitate to answer, or who can list multiple aspects of their job that they enjoy, is likely to be invested in their position, company, and employees. A manager who enjoys program solving is likely to make themselves available when you need help with something. However, a manager who struggles to name anything they like may be unhappy, burnt out, or inattentive.

What opportunities does your company provide for professional development or growth? As a manager, I love this question because it shows that you are interested in a career, not just a job. For the jobseeker, it’s valuable to know if there are opportunities for training, education, and promotion. If you are interested in being promoted to a supervisor, a company that frequently promotes from within could be a great fit!

Interviewing is just as much about determining if you are a good fit for a job, as it is about determining if a job is a good fit for you! You will probably have some idea about that from the information provided to you already, but “Do you have any questions for me” is your time to dig a little deeper, all while giving you an edge over all the candidates who simply answered, “No.”